April Exhibit for Dorchester Center for the Arts

April Exhibit for Dorchester Center for the Arts

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In the galleries for April 2017 at DCA 


March 31st through April 30th


“A gathering of six African-American Artists,”  #9 Raku Vase

an exhibit featuring the works of

Maryland and Delaware artists: Tony Burton, Alex Gamble, Kennie Jones,

Michael Morris, Ernie Satchell and Carl Williams. 

The Artists:

Tony Burton is a graduate of Delaware State University for Art Education and Delaware College of Art and Design in Computer Aided Graphic Design.  He is a retired Art Education Teacher from the Woodbridge School District in Bridgeville, DE.  Tony is a cartoonist at heart and enjoys drawing his life observances in a comedic way to bring them to light.  “We all have troubles”, he says, “but when put into a comedic format, they don’t seem as intimidating.”

Alexander Gamble is a Delaware resident who hails for Brooklyn, NY.  Early loss led to finding comfort in traveling and the anonymity of being an artist.  Since 2003, Gamble’s life as a Christian has defined a new perspective for his work.  His art is a combination of circumstance and the recall of events past.  Representing all aspects of his life, Gamble proudly submits his work to the viewer.

Kenneth Jones explored art through pencil, charcoal and graphite in the 1980s and 1990s, expressing the family dynamic, poverty, and the plight of the poor in American society.  Currently Jones uses his camera to capture the subtle world around him.  He shoots “old” discarded and forgotten things- old metal, with its rich character, old buildings, old people, old cities; things that like him have stood the test of time, weathered every storm, and are, like him, still standing.

Michael J. Morris has been an artist and educator since 1975.  He works in different types of media ranging from pencil to mono-printing, but his primary medium is oil.  His subject matter includes people in day to day situations, poetry and painting combinations, landscapes, Afristracts ( collaged images of Africa) and surrealism that verges on fantasy.

Ernie Satchell is a native of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from Maryland State College (now UMES and a Master’s of Fine Arts degree in ceramics from Towson State University.  Satchell served as the Art Department Chair at the University of Maryland for over thirty-five years, and is known for his work in the development of large pottery throwing techniques.  “I view myself a s a clay conductor “, states Satchell, “who orchestrates images and presents them in ways that make life relevant and meaningful to me.”

Carl Vincent Williams  is a longtime resident of Wilmington, DE, and has been working as an educator since 1975.  Williams’ style consists of using graphic collage and semi-abstract line and shape to form his images.  He works on hot and cold press watercolor paper with acrylics, inks, and a surprising natural material – hornet’s nests!  He has created a multitude of caricatures with this material both natural and man-made, that are designed to evoke self-reflection by the viewer.


The exhibit reflects a culmination of more than 190 years of

experiences and insightful excursions into creative points of view. 

It is a coming together of African-American

artists from the Eastern Shore who

find inspiration from life in America and from an older African consciousness.

In an exhibition such as this, it is often difficult to find a certain connection that unifies the whole, but it is nonetheless present.  The exhibition is visually unified by elements of color, pattern, rhythm and a definite sense of spiritual awareness.  The six artists use their own unique art styles to depict the social ills, beauty, history and the place of African-Americans in this country using their brushes, camera lenses and computers.  Works on display include oils, watercolors, prints, mixed /media, photography, sculpture and ceramics.


Please visit this showing at the Dorchester Center for the Arts from March 31st through April 30th.

An artists’ reception will be held on Second Saturday, April 8th 

  5 to 7:30 p.m.

with complimentary refreshments.