A Very Special Thanks

1880 Bank                                                 Corporate Member – Kim Liddell
American Mini Storage, LLC            Corporate Member – Bob & Joyce Ritz
Bailey Major Art                                    Partner in the Arts 
Baker, Russell & Ida Jane                  Patron of the Arts   
Bay Country Communications        Founder’s Circle  
Beckley, Nan                                           Patron of the Arts 
Beise, Catherine & Larry Hunt       Supporter of the Arts 
Benjamin, Jim & Jackie                     Supporter of the Arts  
Bernard, Bruce & Jeanne                  Supporter of the Arts 
Beveridge, Fred & Addie                    Supporter of the Arts 
Bishop, William & Leslie                   Patron of the Arts 
Blake, Richard & Susan                     Supporter of the Arts 
Blankley, Patricia                                Partner in the Arts 
Boettger, Jan & Ted                             Partner in the Arts 
Borg-Wall, Sharon                              Supporter of the Arts   
Bosley, Tom & Mary Jo                     Supporter of the Arts
Breig, George & Diane                       Partner in the Arts 
Brock, Alan                                            Founder’s Circle 
Brohawn, Philip & Virginia          Partner in the Arts
Brooks, Mr. & Mrs. William R.      Supporter of the Arts 
Brotemarkle, Mary Ruth                 Supporter of the Arts  
Brown, Jeff & Valerie                       Partner in the Arts
Brown, Marian                                    Patron of the Arts 
Bugby, Gordon & Jan                        Patron of the Arts
Bugby, Randall & Kathy Finney   Patron of the Arts 
Burnette, Bill & Joy Staniforth     Partner in the Arts
Bye, Phil & Catherine                        Partner in the Arts 
Cambridge International                Corporate Member
Carbonetta, Reno R.                          Supporter of the Arts 
Cline, Caroline                                     Supporter of the Arts 
Collins, Thomas & Frances             Supporter of the Arts 
Collison, Robert & Cami                  Corporate Members
Connelly, Dr. & Mrs. Edmund       Supporter of the Arts
Cook, David & Loy                         Supporter of the Arts
Courtney, Leo & Lysbeth                 Supporter of the Arts 
Crump, Helen                                       Patron of the Arts
Delco Pkg. Products                          Corporate Members – David & Melissa Deluca
Delmarva Power                                 Corporate Member 
Dixon, Williams & Dolores             Supporter of the Arts 
Dixon, David & Diane                        Supporter of the Arts 
Dixon-Roxburgh, Marjorie            Patron of the Arts 
Downtown Frame of Mine             Partner in the Arts 
Duerling, Craig & Nan                    Patron of the Arts 
Dynan, John & Maryetta              Supporter of the Arts
Eastern Service Corp.                     Corporate Member
Eckardt, Addie                                   Supporter of the Arts  
Edgar, Ken & Judy                           Supporter of the Arts 
Epstein, Gary & Jeri                        Patron of the Arts 
Evans, Jr.,Charles                           Supporter of the Arts
Follett, Michelle                                Supporter of the Arts   
Forgacs, Bonnie                               Partner in the Arts
Fox, Michael & Robyn                    Supporter of the Arts 
Gardner, George & Beverly         Supporter of the Arts 
Goodman, April                               Supporter of the Arts 
Goodyear, Patricia                         Supporter of the Arts 
Graham, Jack & Martha              Supporter of the Arts 
Grove, Leslie & Taylor Hale       Supporter of the Arts 
Habermann, Joseph & Martha  Supporter of the Arts 
Haller, Fred & Sally                       Supporter of the Arts 
Hanson, John & Gail                     Supporter of the Arts 
Harriet Tubman Organization      Partner in the Arts 
Hehn, Wolf & Charlotte             Supporter of the Arts
Hillebrand, Evan and Stephanie Patron of the Arts
Hoffman, Alicia                                Director’s Circle
Holland, Judy L.                          Supporter of the Arts
Hopkins, Patti & Porter                 Patron of the Arts 
Huntington, Greg & Perry           Supporter of the Arts 
Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay  Corporate Member – Randy Thompson
Ingersoll, Jon & Margaret             Director’s Circle 
Jaffe, Drs. Len & Phyllis                  Supporter of the Arts 
Johnson, James & Sandra             Supporter of the Arts 
Jones, Fredericka                             Supporter of the Arts 
Kaemmerlon, Al & Mea                  Supporter of the Arts
Keating, Tom & Martha                 Supporter of the Arts
Kelley, Sandra                                   Supporter of the Arts
Keyser, Essie & Stan                       Supporter of the Arts
Klingensmith, Willa                        Supporter of the Arts 
Klise,  Susan & Michael                 Patron of the Arts
Kropp, Charles & Erica                  Supporter of the Arts 
Lacy, Ben & Carol                            Supporter of the Arts 
Lake, William & Robyn                Supporter of the Arts 
Leffen, John & Hildegarde         Patron of the Arts  
Leonard, Mary                                Supporter of the Arts 
Lewis, John & Ann Watts            Supporter of the Arts 
Lighthizer, Gloria & Jim             Supporter of the Arts
Loeffler, Richard & Joy               Supporter of the Arts 
MacSorley, Marjorie                    Supporter of the Arts 
Mader, Karma                                Lifetime Member
Marshall, Walter & Barbara    Supporter of the Arts 
McAnulty, Jamie & Anne            Patron of the Arts 
McDonnell, Bill                               Supporter of the Arts 
Moskewicz, Michael & Lorraine  Supporter of the Arts 
Mospan, Michael & Alice              Patron of the Arts 
Narrows Restaurant, Inc.           Patron of the Arts 
Nause Waiwash Band of Indians  Partner in the Arts 
Nichols Lawn & Landscape, LLC  Corporate Member  -James & Kendra Nichols
Noller, Jackie                                   Founder’s Circle 
Olinger, John Peter                        Supporter of the Arts 
Passwaters, Harlan & Nancy    Supporter of the Arts 
Paul, Peter                                         Patron of the Arts 
Phillips, Albert                                 Patron of the Arts 
Pomeroy, Fred & Lexine Lowe   Supporter of the Arts 
Powell, Kathy                                  Supporter of the Arts
Powell, Nan                                       Supporter of the Arts 
Provident State Bank                    Corporate Member 
Ruark, Carol                                    Supporter of the Arts 
Saum, Jack & Helen                      Founders’ Circle
Scanlon, Kathleen                          Founders’ Circle 
Schwarz, Stephen & Cheryl         Supporter of the Arts 
Slaughter, Dr. Graham & Judy     Patron of the Arts 
Smith, Sharon                                  Supporter of the Arts 
Smyth, Matthew D.                        Supporter of the Arts 
Spitaleri, Patricia G.                     Supporter of the Arts 
Stagg, Mr. & Mrs. Paul                Supporter of the Arts 
Stanton, Ching                                Supporter of the Arts
Tamplin, Emory & Bobbie          Patron of the Arts
Taylor, Jeff & Shannon               Supporter of the Arts 
Terry, Jim & Dee                            Patron of the Arts 
The Drug Store, LLC                     Corporate Member- Steve Disharoon 
Thomson, Becky                             Supporter of the Arts 
Towers, Wayne & Donna           Supporter of the Arts 
Truitt, James & June                   Patron of the Arts 
Upwind Systems, LLC                 Corporate Members – Mike & Lynn Stewart 
Veatch, Ray & Dawn                    Supporter of the Arts 
Wallace & Assoc.                           Corporate Member – David Wallace 
Watson, James & Barbara         Patron of the Arts 
Webster, Janice                              Supporter of the Arts 
Webster, Donald & Ann              Patron of the Arts 
Whitten Insurance Agency       Corporate Member 
Wicker, Maris & Larry Skinner  Supporter of the Arts 
Wilcox, Jim & Pat                          Supporter of the Arts 
Willey, Cheryl                                Supporter of the Arts 
Wilson, Frank & Connie             Supporter of the Arts 
Winterbottom,III, Mr. & Mrs. Grason    Lifetime Members 
Wright, Hubert & Terry              Lifetime Members 
Young, Melanie                              Supporter of the Arts